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…my kinda lashes :)

Psychedelic Cyclamen Ombre Lips: Rimmel Color Show-off in 220 Shocking Pink and Lime Crime D’Lilac (plus tips)
When you combine 2 shades that look really vibrant and saturated on camera, you get day-glo Cyclamen lips like the above. 
Instead of going for a typical dark shade to contrast against the pale creamy lilac, I went for a strong red-fuchsia in a matte texture.
Tips for perfect ombre lips:
Pick opaque lip colors because anything slippery or sheer is not going to give you that saturated gradient effect
Apply one shade on each lip, leaving the inner rims bare first, then swop the lipsticks for each lip, and very lightly run the second shade along the inner bit of your lips before pressing with your fingers to blend the edges into the first shade better.
Press just the center of the lips together to even out the “mixed” shade, and smooth in with your finger again if the color gets uneven.
If the outer rims of your lips are no longer as vibrant looking due to all the blending and pressing, touch up just the top and bottoms of lips lightly to replace the color.
Looks good with:
Dramatic black winged liner. It actually looks very “cyber-geisha” in real life.
(This is fun and dramatic, but not exactly something you should wear to your next meal. It will take you too much time to touch up.)

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